Cancelled my E-M1 order

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Re: Cancelled my E-M1 order

dahod wrote:

I read the interview with Mr. Terada ( however, and it left me with a less than warm and fuzzy feeling. I could be reading it wrong and I apologize if I am but my take from it was

  1. 4/3 was a failure because it didn't result in measurably smaller camera/lens combinations - M4/3 will correct that.

That is the god awful truth. People are unwilling to put up with a smaller sensor without any real savings in size, weight, or price.

  1. His target market is the "young generation with a focus on young females"

Most of them use camera phones, and may not find it necessary to lug even a compact camera around, let alone something as big as the EM-1.

  1. He can't figure out how to attract European women buyers but he has a couple of thoughts.

The female pros won't be using the EM-1. The amateurs just use a camera phone or smart phone.  There is no market among them for the EM-1.

  1. M4/3 can almost beat APS-C on image quality but wins on portability ("their lenses are so much bigger than ours")

Beating Aps-c is a pipe dream.  The NEX cameras are smaller and more portable, and they have aps-c sensors.

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