Catch-in_focusing ideas.

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Catch-in_focusing ideas.

Hi folks,

You can use catch-in-focusing for many things besides BIFs. A horse that is at or near the top of the jump. The finish point (or very near it) of a horse race (or a human race). A runner that is at a certain point on a track. A race car (motorcycle) at a certain place on a track. An animal (or man) as it crosses a certain point on a trail. A bird or any animal leaving it's hidy hole in a tree or a hole in the ground. Pre-focus on that hidy hole distance then turn the lens focus ring slightly towards minumum focus so that it no longer fires with the wired remote pressed. Then press and lock the wired remote and when the bird or animal leaves the hidy hole the camera begins to fire.

All of the above are my thoughts when used on a tripod and with the use of a locking wired remote switch.

As far as using catch-in-focus aginst the BIFs go, you can press and hold the shutter button fully closed as you manually focus on a bird in flight. The camera will only fire when it achieves focus. If you have continuous shooting on then it will continue to fire until the lens is no longer in focus, then while still holding the shutter fully closed just refocus the lens until it starts firing again. Repeat until you want to quit.

EDIT: A couple more ideas that I have tried with some success. (1) - If you notice a dragonfly that likes a certain spot then pre-focus on that spot then move the camera such that the prefocused point is just above the spot. Then lock your wired remote and catch the dragonfly as it is coming in for a landing. (2) - Prefocused just above a flower and catch bees and other things as they approach the flower.



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