Lets Hear your iOS7 Horror Stories

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Re: Lets Hear your iOS7 Horror Stories

Definitely no "horror" stories. Updated two iPhone 5's and an iPad Mini and all went great. I happen like the new colors/format, though I can see why people who are complaining about all the basic apps now being so bright/white.

Only "issues" I have had is something I hope will change in the future update:

(1) When you take a filtered picture with the Camera app (and I do really like the new camera and Photo apps) and it is uploaded to Photostream (my method of choice for transferring photos to Aperture on my iMac), the other iOS devices see the filtered version but neither Aperture nor iPhoto on my iMac (latest version of operating system and apps) see the filtered version. Only way to get the filtered version onto the computer is to either email them or setup a "shared photostream".

(2) Also, some apps - like the ones by Google (Google+ and Snapseed) don't see the filtered versions, only the original one. Strange because both Flickr and Instagram see the filtered version and they are all accessing the Camera Roll.

(3) Major quibble with iTunes Radio. First off - I love it and already stopped paying for Spotify. But the only way to get rid of the commercials is to pay for iTunes Match. OK - no big deal - even though a bit of a pain since my library is way above their 25,000 imposed limit. But while on my iMac, iTunes will allow me to play my own music library OR iTunes Radio, the iOS devices are not that smart. Once you sign into iTunes Match (tried on both iPad Mini and iPhone 5), you can no longer access songs that you synced from your computer. So you are forced to use cellular data either for the iTunes Radio (understandable) or to stream your own files using iTunes Match. Do wish Apple will eventually let us just pay the same $25 fee without having to resort to iTunes Match.

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