Help! If I attach a flash to my D3x, it over exposes

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Re: Help! If I attach a flash to my D3x, it over exposes

chuckji wrote:

If you're using auto ISO, don't.

Yup! Auto ISO + Flash on Nikon is totally messed up. Always use manual ISO with flash.

Second thing to check is that Nikon allows flash exposure compensation to be set separately from "regular" exposure compensation. The two get ADDED TOGETHER.

Push and hold the flash button (lightning bolt) to see your setting for flash exposure compensation. If it's at +2.0, then you know why your flash pictures are over exposed. Rotate the FRONT dial to change it (while holding down the flash button).

Probably no need to send this in to Nikon. This sounds like an RTFM problem. If the manual doesn't make sense, try one of the many How-To books for Nikon DSLRs. Good luck!

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