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Stakeouttoo wrote:

over the past week handled the 70d...not sure if it is just me but I thought it felt more like a Rebel series camera like my old Xsi (450d) than my 60d which I still like a lot.. was looking to upgrade... actually wanted to go one-step up to a new 7DMkII if it will ever show its face... not looking to go FF

at the same time also played with the Nikon 7100.. overall felt a lot better than the 70d... but NOT going to switch ..sticking with Canon..also NOT into taking videos with my DSLR's so not a priority and any hype about video is a 'nothing' for me.. I'll stay with my Flip and 850is for the little video that I due on occasion

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my Canon 60d sure beats using that ol' Petri 7s

I love my 60D, and am considering upgrading to a 6D or 7D MKII (if it ever appears). But the build quality and 'creakiness' of the 60D still bug me a bit. The top dial feels very cheap, like it could break at any time. It likely won't, but I'm just saying the feel of the camera leaves something to be desired. And while that does not affect image quality, it does have an impact on the overall experience while out doing photoshoots.

Anyway, rather than upgrade this year i've decided to get a good pano head for my tripod. That, and maybe a new lens, will undoubtedly have a bigger impact on my photography.

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