Cancelled my E-M1 order

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Re: Yep-less than impressive interview

There were some pros shooting with the E system but not many.
The main advantage of using a smaller sensor is so you can create a smaller system. And the E system failed to achieve that in a significant way.

And I know Olympus lenses are (broadly speaking) better but they have to be because of the smaller sensor. When normalised for lines per picture height against FF cameras they perform worse due to the greater magnification required.

So the only real advantage that Olympus could offer over a larger sensor is size and weight with acceptable picture quality. And they failed to realise that advantage.

Now they are starting to lever their USP  with m43 and you get people here posting ridicilous comments that they are only 'for girls' and taking Terada's comments out of context.

And quite frankly given that females make up half the population it would be a wise move of Oly to aim for that part of the market anyway.

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