Best Pro Folio site - smugmug, zenfolio ? What?

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Re: Photodeck completely updated

I know users (truly professional photographers) that made hundreds of euros from their FREE flickr accounts' presence.

Photodeck is insanely pricey, as are many others I see mentioned here. If you're prepared to pay that, self-hosting and creating a site all by yourself, or paying someone to do it for you is cheaper. And you'll have no limits to what you can do with it. Terabytes fast hosting-space is not expensive these days.

Being a pro does not mean you're going to waste your money away on seemingly classy superficialness.

I don't see how they can even stay in business with Google/Picasa, 23hq, and the many free image-hosters out there. (And not even all that bad-looking either, by the way.)

What it mostly boils down to is

- paying for an online backup-storage solution, unlimited, hidden (who does not want that?)

- have users be able to comment, a photo-site with a social aspect. The fact that so many respond at flickr makes it work for selling your art/prints.

I was tempted to go with 500px because of their huge active userbase, but then found that I could not use my own domain name with them.

I tried smugmug for a while, its UI sucks ass and their new version is dumped on unsuspecting users while it's not even finished. Lots of stuff I expected to work because they advertised features, just did not! Shameful, really. Asked for a partly refund since I had already paid for a year.

Decided to go with Zenfolio Premium instead. Not a really big social thing, but allows me to share pics everywhere I want easily, so it still works that way.

I could never look myself in the mirror working with a site named "flickr". Honestly, if they had a different name, and allowed a little more theming, I'd go with their pro accounts in a minute. No competition, hands down.

Oh and let's not forget zooomr, another shitty-ass name I'd never feel comfortable with, but a really humongous mostly asian userbase, which can be helpful if you're up for that.

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