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Re: Most activity on M4/3s forum

ApertureAcolyte wrote:

Big Ga wrote:

Jere Landis wrote:

I shot Canon for years and still use a Canon DSLR sometimes. I went over the the Canon forum I used to frequent a lot, guess what, the activity there is not near what it is here. Why do you think that is the case.

Canon and Nikon have had decades to hone and perfect things like the ergonomics of their cameras,

Really? Each to their own. I think the ergonomics of full frame DSLR's just plain suck. They are bloated boat anchors compared to 35mm Film SLR's

Big Ga's point was just made by you.

57 posts, DSLR ergonomic's sucks,  Yep, probably never owned a Pro FF body with Pro Grade lens.

So DSLR are boat anchors to 35mm Film SLR eh?  Well, go and pick up a Pro level Film DSLR.  They look pretty much like the Pro DSLR now.

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