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[The TRUTH] b/c M43 forum have to defend againt NEX, FF, APS-C attacks

ApertureAcolyte wrote:

Less innovation. Less inspiration. Cynical product releases (EOS M)... and most important of all.... little to troll or argue about.

M43 system is trailblazing....making people insecure left, right and centre.

That is a rather righteous one-side-opinion. I owned M43, NEX, and EOS-M, in the past I owned several canon dslr.

The TRUTH is that M43 forum is very active because M43 forum must constantly defend against:

  • NEX attacks
  • FF equivalence debate
  • Olympus vs Panasonic debates
  • APS-C vs M43 superiority-inferiority-debates
  • Why does M43 suck so bad in action shoot
  • Why M43 wil died
  • Why DSLR are doom

That is why there is so much activity here.  Its a dream forum for TROLL + DEFENDERS alike.  There is No Discussion about photography; no show & tell of what you took today; its all about being offensive (DSLR will died) or being defensive against troll attacks.  If you're honest with yourself, you know that spoke the TRUTH.

Canon forum is very quiet....and I like it like that.  Browsing any forum, and what strike me immediately  is the absence of trolls, nor any thread to defend itself.

  • No FF Equivalence debates, since canon makes most of FF
  • No Canon will died attacks = no canon will survive counter-threads
  • No Sales Figure threads, no BCN/amazon numbers, because canon is ususally #1 
  • No Dual Brand Civil War either (Panasonic vs Olympus)
  • etc... etc...

M43 forum is WAR ZONE by comparison.  It is very exciting here.  I go to canon forums to talk about photography, then come here for flame war entertainment.  No a day goes by without some kind of attack and counter-attacks.  DPR loves this, since M43 forum generate so much activity and page turn here.

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