Interview with Tereda and other Olympus staff

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Yikes, I'm now very insecure

Reading both the article, and the post, I now feel quite insecure.  I liked the GF5 in brown,  but jumped on a deal on a black one - phew.., disaster averted.  I didn't recall Panasonic advertising it as "sensual brown", had I known, I would have never considered it.  I'm currently planning to switch from the OMD to the E-P5 (as soon as the outrageous price comes down).  I much prefer the PEN format (and have a collection of old Voigtlander range finders with similar styling).  I also like the latest new Beetle, and was contemplating getting the TDI version and trading in my aging CLK.  Why was I not informed that these were all feminine products?  What would make it easier, is for B&H, Adorama, etc., to have a clear men and women section on their website, just like department stores.  I wouldn't get caught dead in the women's section in Macy's, and always rush through if I enter the store that way.  B&H, Adorama etc. should also first ask you for your gender, before guiding you to the appropriate equipment.  As for cars, I'm sure a sensible car salesman would have discreetly steered me toward the much more appropriate GTI model in the showroom.

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