Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

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Re: Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

don1jam wrote:

theswede wrote:

Interchange Lens, Full-frame, APS-C describe a market segment.

This describes two market segments. Mirrorless AF and mirrored PDAF.

The only reason you think mirrorless can define a market segment, is because you cannot imagine a company capable of producing mirroless cameras aimed at both amauteurs and pros, novices and photo-journalists.

You state this when I state mirrorless is a market segment!?

Can you even read?

I believe Sony goals are to prove to you otherwise.

They already did.

That is very clear.

And very wrong.

Let's revisit this next year when Sony is marketing their E-mount Full Cameras.

What's there to revisit?

PDAF does not differentiate a market segment. PDAF is a technology.

It most certainly does. Yes, it is a technology, but it is an enabling technology and a marked difference in capability between the mounts. It is a technology which for over 40 years has created a market segment and held it against all comers. That has yet to change.

Here is where I disagree, with you. I absolutely believe Sony will be marketing their E-Mount cameras to News and Sports Photographers in the near future.

Of course they will. IN THE FUTURE. In the rather far future at that, given the present performance of on sensor PDAF. It has some ways to go yet.

But we do not live in the future. We do not discuss in the future. We are here and now.

And here and now they are two different market segments due to different capability.

If you really believe that an Iphone and S4 are in a different market segment and do not directly compete against each other, you may want to do some research.

I did. That's where this conclusion comes from. They compete, but the markets do not even nearly completely overlap. The overlap is actually pretty small; Samsung are not taking much market share from iPhone. Not yet, and not with the S4.

It is unbelievable that you could write that when even their advertisements target the competition. Not even Apple see it your way (thankfully), and are well aware of the competition they face from Samsung.

Indeed they do. But they have nowhere near the competition from Samsung that other Android manufacturers do. There is not yet anything which actually competes truly head on with the iPhone. Apple dread the day when that will happen.


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