Cancelled my E-M1 order

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Re: You DO remember

CollBaxter wrote:

ptox wrote:

ApertureAcolyte wrote:

I quote the OP:

"Right off the bat, I'm at a disadvantage because I'm certainly neither young nor female."

lol gtfo, where do these people come up with this nonsense?? Talk about extreme hyperbole!!!!

You DO remember where you're posting?

Anyway, I had to laugh at that as well. What a flake! -- cancelling his order of a camera he presumably wants because of an executive's poorly expressed thoughts in a single, totally irrelevant interview.

Not very manly and pragmatic of him...

Toxic P

You Sir are rude with these continual narcissistic remarks.

The OP expressed an opinion and a reason for his actions . It does no require a personal attack.

Hell this is just about cameras not all are as virally eloquent as some would like to think they are.


If the OP's post wasn't designed to wind-up the members and elicit response, I don't know what to you'd call it.

The fact that he hasn't responded in his own senseless thread, speaks volumes.

Pure attempt to wind up the masses...... To the OP; Order, cancel order, do what you want. I don't care, even if your reasons are so very clever.

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Must....Think.....of something......Clever........

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