Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

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Re: Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

theswede wrote:

Interchange Lens, Full-frame, APS-C describe a market segment.

This describes two market segments. Mirrorless AF and mirrored PDAF.

The only reason you think mirrorless can define a market segment, is because you cannot imagine a company capable of producing mirroless cameras aimed at both amauteurs and pros, novices and photo-journalists. I believe Sony goals are to prove to you otherwise.

That is very clear.

And very wrong.

Let's revisit this next year when Sony is marketing their E-mount Full Cameras.

Both E-mount and A-Mount support interchangeable lens, both support APS-C sensors, both will support full frame sensors and lens.

And one of them supports fast, full time mirrored PDAF and the other does not. You will see no E mount cameras in the hands of news or sport still photographers anytime soon, because they are not appropriate tools for that. A mount systems are.

At least that is how it is now. It may change. But it hasn't yet.

PDAF does not differentiate a market segment. PDAF is a technology. Here is where I disagree, with you. I absolutely believe Sony will be marketing their E-Mount cameras to News and Sports Photographers in the near future.

How it can it not be clear to you that this is not the same market segment?

How can you claim they are!?

Iphones and S4's have different capabilities but they are in the same market segment, how is this so hard to see?

The iPhone is marketed at those who want a unified experience, a one stop shop approach to getting apps and a known, easy to use phone which is both convenient and trendy. Apple pretty much has the top end segment to themselves, with over half of all mobile web traffic going through iPhones.

The S4 is for those who want to mark themselves as different from the Apple crowd, for whatever reason. It's not playing in the same field, it doesn't have nearly the same clout. And it most certainly isn't taking people away who would otherwise buy an iPhone. It takes away people who would otherwise buy a cheaper Android phone.

They are (fairly subtly perhaps) different, but they are different. You will find very few who switch around between expensive Android phones and iPhones. Not nearly enough people to make that overlap a market segment worth the name (or effort).

If you really believe that an Iphone and S4 are in a different market segment and do not directly compete against each other, you may want to do some research. It is unbelievable that you could write that when even their advertisements target the competition. Not even Apple see it your way (thankfully), and are well aware of the competition they face from Samsung.

It is so clear.

I envy you your simple view on life. I wish things could be so black and white in mine. But alas, I have lived too long for that.

If you can explain it simply, you understand it well enough.

Your example of cars is not applicable because compact cars do not overlap with larger cars. Someone in the market for a Yaris does not buy a Lexus and vice versa.

That is exactly the point I am making.

Thank you. I am glad you see it that way.

Of course I do. Why would I make a point I don't see?


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