Was thinking of buying Nikon, but not so fast......

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Re: Nikon vs Canon FF, why the DXoMark conclusions?

dave gaines wrote:

Thanks for your reply. You're right. That's what the article said. But why? I forget the reason. Was it about the right lenses for the sensor? I'll have to read that part again, but maybe you can explain it. Thanks again.

I just wanted to point out DxO is inconsistent.  They published the first two articles beating down on the 5D Mark III.  Then, people started to look carefully into their measurements, and did not find much differences in performance, except that the D800 does have better dynamic range at low ISOs.  So they did this 3rd article a year later to whitewash it.

Last year, getting sick and tired of waiting for the mythical E-7, I start to look around for a replacement.  The main need is better ISO performance. But, I guess anything modern is better than the E-3. The 36 megapixels in the D800 was impressive. I have the Canon EOS-1v so I was thinking hard of switching to Nikon. Upon some digging around, I found the following uneasiness:

1. Camera labs thinks that the 5D Mark III looks better starting from ISO 800 and up.


2. DPReview also shows better ISO performance of the 5D Mark III at ISO 800 and up. It is more obvious if you look carefully at the greyscale chart at 100% crop.


3. Ron Mart published disappointed live view performance of the D800 compared to 5D3:


Then, it was an easy choice for me. That's why I get ticked of easily when people keep mentioning this D800 or that D800E.

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