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Re: Most activity on M4/3s forum

Canon failed to realise that the DSLR video craze peaked, forgot about improving stills quality.

Great point!

Yeah Canon really went into the video side of things whole hog. The 5D II was adapted to be a good video camera, the 5D III was designed to be one. Now you have people like Panasonic coming in and Black Magic, they're out-performing Canon at 1/3 the price, and Canon has no answer for that.

So they lost the still image war to Nikon and Sony (in the SLR space), and they're about to lose the video wars to Panasonic, Black Magic, and others.

So, yeah, they have their new EOS Cinema line of cameras which might be successful, but that is a really niche product indeed, it won't capture the larger scale consumer market.

Looking even at Canon rumours there isn't much even being discussed on the horizon. I mean they have another EOS-M camera with viewfinder set to come out, but now they're competing with themselves and trying to sell three mounts (EF, EF-S, and EF-M). Plus the lack of glass is a big problem, it is going to be hard to sell an EOS-M system when there are like three lenses compatible with it.

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