Beginners and digital filters / postprocessing

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Joseph Mama Senior Member • Posts: 2,086
Re: Beginners and digital filters / postprocessing

Guys, I think AndreaV is pointing this out as a cautionary tale, not for the purpose of demeaning others.

Someone obviously posted the usage of art filters as their main technique for generating interest.  For beginners that are reading those statements,  AndreaV is making the counterpoint that it is better to learn your camera to generate better pictures to begin with.

I did the same thing myself, learning Paintshop Pro before I really knew how to take good pictures and I used a travel zoom.  It worked out fine as the postprocessing captured my interest.  I then took some beginning photography courses, got an RX100 and I find myself doing a whole lot less posprocessing.

I do still like the use of my art filters depending on the shot, to add an interest and variety to an album.  AndreaV isn't saying that is bad...just that its more effective to focus on photography first and PP second.  Seems legit.

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