Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

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Re: Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

theswede wrote:

You do realize in your first sentence you reinforced and agreed with my point , as you stated : "Provided X and Y are in completely overlapping market segments."

Not as such.

The market segment of interchangeable cameras for E mount and A mount completely overlap. Both mounts will carry full frame and APS-C sensors, interchangeable lens, and bodies of varying sizes.

Those are technological overlaps, not market overlaps. And they are not complete even there.

Interchange Lens, Full-frame, APS-C describe a market segment. That is very clear.

Whichever one is more profitable they will prioritize their efforts there. It's as simple as that.

Not quite that simple, at least not yet. It may become that way eventually but at present there are performance and capability differences which make A mount and E mount different markets.

If Sony does away with this difference then the markets will increase in overlap, perhaps to the point where they are the same. But they haven't yet, and it doesn't seem like the technology is there yet to do so. Maybe Sony has something in the wings which will instantly outstrip SLT and SLR technology, but so far no-one has shown anything like that.

Both E-mount and A-Mount support interchangeable lens, both support APS-C sensors, both will support full frame sensors and lens. How it can it not be clear to you that this is not the same market segment? Iphones and S4's have different capabilities but they are in the same market segment, how is this so hard to see? It is so clear.

Your example of cars is not applicable because compact cars do not overlap with larger cars. Someone in the market for a Yaris does not buy a Lexus and vice versa.

That is exactly the point I am making.


Thank you. I am glad you see it that way.

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