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Re: Most activity on M4/3s forum

Because Canon hasn't produced a good SLR in about three years, their sensors are antiquated, and people are jumping ship to Nikon, Fuji, Sony NEX, m43, and similar in droves.

The 70D they just released has a worse sensor in it than the E-PL5. It is more or less the same sensor as the one they had in every camera they made in the last few years, no advancement there at all.

I too am a former Canon user. Jumped ship when they stopped updating their cameras and failed to release many new APS-C (EF-S) lenses into their lineup (one L lens for example). Basically Canon is dying (but they're still huge, so it is like a dying elephant).

The EOS-M is the latest in a long line of Canon really failing as a company. There is something deeply wrong at Canon, they have "lost it" and it is going to take more than a few years to get it back. The 5D III was good but only if you ignore the D800.

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