Fuji X20 or X100 ....new firmware????

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Re: Fuji X20 or X100 ....new firmware????

BRUCEK56 wrote:

darylmesa wrote:


I'm a current sony A37 owner and am looking into the possibly of replacing it with a fuji X20.

I have owned and traded cameras from just about every market.

Pentax, Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus, now Sony

No, I don't really enjoy playing leapfrog from company to company, but I do prefer to have what I like and am not loyal to any brand. If fuji makes a camera that fits my needs, then I'll get a fuji and the same for the other companies.

Since I like to shoot with only one lens (preferably a lowlight prime) I've never been to worried about making a jump from one company to the next.

When I went from Nikon d7000 to fuji X100 I was in love...for about 2 months, until the dreaded focussing became to much. My children were pretty much a blur except for posed shots. Other than than I LOVED everything else about the camera.

I tried out the olympus epl3, but never really fell in love with that camera. I like the colors but not the high ISO and not the lack of VF.

Since I liked the evf of the fuji x100 ( never really used the ovf that much, since i prefered the evf "pre-chimp" option) I decided to go with an entry level sony A37 for the dslr (slt) speed and the evf. Though I enjoy the camera I am constantly reminded why I went for the fuji X100 in the 1st place (size, bulk, form) and plus I'm not entirely pleased with A37 evf.

So I have been looking at the X20 (mainly for the fuji colors and vf). Though the X10 is lot cheaper now and the IQ is nearly the same I don't think I'll be able to handle the zero info in the VF (why I chose the x100 over the X10). Then I saw the "super firmware" update business for the X100 boasting improved AF and MF, but those update mentions have seemed to have disappeared off the planet. Yet my recent issue of "Reponse Photo" talks about the update coming at the beginning of Sept...well that obviously never happened.

I guess I'm asking which would be a better choice the X20 or is there actuallu a AF/MF firmware update for the X100

thanks for any replies


Hi Daryl,

I think you are comparing apple to oranges a bit. The Fuji x20 is a nice camera (I have one......replaced my x10) and I am very happy with it.

The main reason I replaced the x10 was because of the much faster and accurate focus and much sharper pictures because of no anti aliasing filter on the x20. It is noticeably sharper than the x10.

However you really can't compare the x20 to the x100 as far as picture quality especially at high iso's. The x100 is MUCH better because of the bigger sensor.

For myself if I need a very compact camera to take anywhere I use the x20. If I need a step up in quality I use my Sony Nex 6 (which would be similar to the Fuji x100).

Of course if I need ultimate quality I use my Canon 1DX!

My point is I would not really consider the x20 as REPLACING the X100 but more as a compliment TO the x100.

I actually purchased the x20 because I found the Nex 6 a little too slow to focus on fast moving kids (like your problem with the x100).

For a high quality "snap shot" take everywhere type camera the Fuji x20 is perfect.

It can't however replace the quality of the files I get from the Nex 6.......especially at high iso's.

I believe you would end up ultimately being disappointed with the x20 if you are used the high quality files of the x100.

You would kind of be trading one problem (slow focus on the x100) for another (lower quality files of the x20).

By the way I only shoot raw.

Just something to think about.

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I am also a NEX 6 owner and was thinking about getting and X20 (A, 'to have with me at all times camera')

But I keep hearing about smearing of images, poor raw files etc etc. I currently use a canon S100 as my 'pocket camera' and was looking to improve upon that really as it's getting a little tired.

Not so sure about the X20 now

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