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Re: You sound thin skinned and bigotted...

CollBaxter wrote:

ApertureAcolyte wrote:

Tereda: One thing we always say is that Japan and the Asian people like to have new things. Americans and Europeans tend to be a bit more conservative. We are expecting this. On the other hand, we strongly promote, especially in the Japanese and Asian market, cameras designed for the young generation with a focus on young females. However, we can see the potential in Europe now that so many females enjoy photography and post pictures on social networks. We tried to test the market potential in Paris once with the Pen camera where we had a touch-and-try show in the centre of the city. So many young ladies came to the event and they tried the camera and everybody said that it was really nice. But still these women have no strong buying power, that is, the income is low. However, we clearly see the possibility – they love photography and they love the Pen camera. If we can clearly see the target user, I am sure we can convince Europe and America.

You saying they cannot market products to women, which is a potential emerging market? Why ignore %50 of the population?

Your comprehension and interpretation is below average.

Oh I see we are now getting marked and evaluated. . I Think this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Is it still cool to drop ancient cliche catch phrases like that? People don't use black kettles no more...

It's very clear. Read the sentence structures. OP interprets the sentences without looking at sentence structure. For example:

On the other hand, we strongly promote, especially in the Japanese and Asian market, cameras designed for the young generation with a focus on young females.

Is he saying the focus of the cameras design is for women, or is he saying the strong promotion has a particular focus on young women? Former or latter?

It depended on which side you sit in this interpenetration. When I read the statement I though ouch . Olympus have been a inward looking company as to markets always assuming that the rest of the world will follow Asian and Japanese trends Maybe they are correct as China will soon be the biggest economy in the world. Also assuming European woman have no buying power is way off track.

A to highlighting well most of us can read ( I don't write that well ) but don't assume anything.

Read it over and over again. You're way off the mark of what the guy is saying. Maybe you forget that Europe is still under austerity?

Do you follow the news?

I quote the OP:

"Right off the bat, I'm at a disadvantage because I'm certainly neither young nor female."

lol gtfo, where do these people come up with this nonsense?? Talk about extreme hyperbole!!!!

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