"Best" lenses for my new GX7?

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Re: "Best" lenses for my new GX7?

Joxbox wrote:


I just ordered a GX7 with the 20/1,7 and I'm thinking of buying one or two zooms as well.

Been thinking of the very fine 12-35/2,8 and 35-100/2,8 but as we all know those are not very cheap plus they might become too heavy and clumsy to bring along both. Second option in mind is to get only the 14-140 as a compact compliment to my 20/1,7 which will save me some money and weight but the question is if I will go mad with the performance of the 14-140..?

Are there any other good options I have foreseen?

As everybody I like fast but small/light lenses... I'm now looking for the optimal solution for me when it comes to quality vs small/light. I'm trading my D300 with primes and Sony S110 into the GX7 because I believe it will fit my requirements better...

Happy for any input


Though I have the two F2.8 zooms, the 14-140 combined with a fast prime in your favourite focal length makes for a wonderful lightweight but very flexible kit for travel, hillwalking, any scenario where lightweight is a bonus.. I typically take the 14-140 and either the 20mm or the 25mm F1.4 .The Panasonic is a very good performer I would be inclined to go for the Panasonic option, as the OIS is better than the axis IS, and even though the lens mounts are the same I think the same brand lenses work a little better with the same brand body.

If you are looking to try out a cheaper smaller lens while you think about spending the big money { a wise move} the old Panasonic kit lens the 14-45 delivers excellent results and can be picked up used at a bargain price.


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