Beginners and digital filters / postprocessing

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Re: Beginners and digital filters / postprocessing

AndreaV wrote:

It happened to me to read statements from several people that says things like (just to quote a couple of them):

"As a mediocre amateur photographer I find that the only way I can make some of my photos interesting is by applying "art filters""


"Bought my first Canon three months back and rely heavily on post production editing (I suck at manual mode)"

What do you think about this kind of approach?

I consider it definitely wrong. I think that to learn to make good photos you first should learn to make them straight out of the camera, learning the techniques and experimenting. Postprocessing and digital filters are something great, but they should be wisely applied to improve and give something more to an already good and interesting image. I think that if you start from a badly exposed/composed photo there is no way to get a good image just with some digital manipulation or applying some over-sharpening/saturating or vintage-looking filter.

You are entitled to think what you want. I am entitled to think you are sanctimonious, lecturing to others.

Is there abuse of art filters? Sure. But to broadly brush those of us who do post production (as I did in my chemical dark room in film days) as bad photographers is just over the top.

Go make some nice pictures. Worry about your own pictures, and leave other's tastes aside.

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