Fuji X20 or X100 ....new firmware????

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Re: Fuji X20 or X100 ....new firmware????

Hi Daryl

I think as the poster above, that x20 and x100 are so different (except for the looks) that they evolve in different worlds. I have both (upgraded to the X100s), but I must say, there is no comparison.

I bought the X20 because I was a bit worried at the idea of taking the brand new X100s to the beach. X20 at less than half the price was intended for those sunny and dangerous situations.

I quickly realised that except in good light where iso 100, 200 were possible, the image quality is really altogether inferior. I am not saying it is bad bad bad. Just I got used to the IQ of the X100, and was a bit surprised at how fast the files degraded in low light (interior, anything above iso 500 in color, a lot more tolerance in BW though). However for "normal" small prints, the files printed very nicely.

So in the end it all depends on your needs. I used the X100 for 2 years with only the first FW upgrade. I used to prefocus or MF with the afl button, and had some great photos (I admit though that back then my daughter didn't move around). In interiors I find the X20 to be a bit out of its league. (it is a bit dark in my appartment). Again, it all dpends on your usage and final intention for the photos:

- If interiors and wathching them on screen or bigger prints that may need some PP, then I think the X100 to be the better choice.

- If outside in good light, small prints, need of zoom and quicker AF (though not infallible, specially if subject is not far away and using the ovf : the parallax may make it harder to focus accuratelly, while the X100 is "corrected" for that, and you have the evf for critical situations), then the x20 may fit that bill

Indoors, I tend to only use the X20 with the efx20 flash on a cable, handheld, and bounce it around. The X100s can make the same thing, but without the flash (which is not to say "always better" --- sometimes a good bounce will give far better results than stretching the camera's possibilities/capacities too much).

they do compliment each other well, but if I had to keep only one, it would be the X100/X100s. There is no question about that. The X100 Af may not be the fastest out there (or in competition to be the slowest , I don't know) but I do know that it is faster than me trying to MF, and in the end that is my final reference: so it is a progress. (not to mention people had incredible shots (action shots) with MF cameras , so I guess it is possible --- the photo of the  punch Ali gave Foreman comes to mind)

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