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Re: You get over it!

Dave Oddie wrote:

WaltKnapp wrote:

Dave Oddie wrote:

You can't be so dismissive of an official statement and expect people to believe your baseless speculation. The above post of yours isn't a well thought out argument or looking at it with a "critical view". It's not even a sensible opinion as those have to have something to back them up.

Sony have said what they are going to do. You have chosen not to believe them but for no good reason.

We have chosen to be skeptics on Sony's saying what they are going to do, official or not. Because they so often have done far less than they said they were going to do. Or in doing what they say they compromise some other part of their photography gear's capability. Or do the exact opposite of what they say.

There is very good reason for this, we have experienced Sony behaviour over considerable time. What they do is real, their talk is not. They have built up a considerable pattern of behavior, that's quite real.

You are talking those previous comments of mine out of context but snipping the rest of the post.

What I am objecting to is the false logic and pure conjecture used to try to justify a position that says Sony won't continue the A-mount.

If you want to think Sony will break the promise to continue the a-mount simply because other promises have been broken in your opinion, that is up to you.

However there are a pile of straw man arguments being constructed to suggest Sony won't continue with the A mount such as saying the A3000 or the release of several e-mount lenses must equal the end of the a-mount.

It is impossible to draw any such conclusion yet despite the statement from Sony about the a-mounts future people read it,ignore it and then re-post the same stupid arguments!

I have not drawn a conclusion. I have pointed to a possibility supported by conditions in the marketplace. WaltKnapp has sound reasons for his skepticism. I've followed his posts over time. He has been clear about what he thinks and why. I don't fault his reasoning.

I know you don't like or agree with my position. That's fine. Again, I have pointed to a possible outcome because it *is* a possible outcome. It is not some impossible thing. The facts are as I've stated several times:

-A-mount is expected to become mirrorless.

-E-mount is already mirrorless.

-E-mount receives the latest aps-c sensors and may even receive a FF sensor.

-E-mount supports a-mount with adapters.

-NEX shooters already use A-mount lenses with adapter.

-E-mount is apparently more profitable than a-mount.

-Sony has financial problems.

It does not make sense for Sony to support two lines of cameras with largely identical capabilities. It does not make sense for Sony to have two lines of cameras that compete with each other as well as every other brand. It does not make sense to stake e-mount on the low end and a-mount on the high end, especially if Sony sends e-mount FF cameras to market.

As it is, you actually pay a premium for small size and large sensor with NEX cameras. I doubt the FF NEX will be cheap! So, it will not surprise me if native a-mount bodies are few and far between, or if they disappear altogether.

And whatever happens, happens. We will have to wait to see.

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