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It's what you wrote.

leonche64 wrote:

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When the gap between A700 and A77 was four years, Sony wasn't going on a binge to fill out the e-mount line. The e-mounts weren't getting the latest APS-C sensors and there was no talk of a FF NEX.

Has nothing to do with anything A-mount. Want to shoot NEX? Shoot NEX. History remains the same. Toyota makes the Lexus LS and the Corolla.

Non sequitor. Cars are self-contained and you buy a new one to completely replace the old one. Cameras have this weird notion of system with lenses outlasting bodies, so there is the idea that you want to get an improved body to go with your (growing?) collection of lenses. Otherwise, no reason to care about lens mount. Get a Sony this time? Happens to have an A-mount. Get a canon next time and a Nikon after that. You can do that, but that means buying without regard for system.

That is what you took from my point? Really? Are you that literal? Ok, moving on.

I know quite well what you wanted to say, but it doesn't work with camera systems unless you ignore the system part. So why should I give you the free lunch?

Or put another way, a Lexus is a Toyota in fancy clothes. The nearest similar relationship is the Nex 7 to the Hasselblad Lunar. E-mount and A-mount are not in the same relationship.

"And another champion has taken up the banner"

Not really. I see what I see. From my perspective, you'd have to be naive not to at least acknowledge the possibility that Sony may not be especially interested in supporting A-mount shooters with new camera bodies. If/when Sony releases something new and compelling for A-mount, I will be interested. Until then, it's all idle chatter.

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Which goes all the way back to my first post. "From my perspective." Not from the perspective of the people in charge of producing the camera. You are "just some dude". You are entitled to your own opinion, but we all must use the same facts. Because we don't agree with them, does not mean we get to dismiss them or create alternate scenarios out of thin air. There is a difference between that and a "wish list." The fact is, since I bought my fist A-mount in 1990, the bodies have been released on the same schedule over the ensuing 23 years. That is a fact, it happened, it is public record. Any statement to the contrary is ignorance at best, revisionist history at worst.

Everything is perspective. I have explained mine quite well over time and in this thread. I don't really care whether you agree with me. I'm not trying to convert you or chase you away. But the situation has changed in interesting ways.

A-mount is expected to become mirrorless. E-mount is already mirrorless. E-mount receives the latest aps-c sensors and may even receive a FF sensor. E-mount supports a-mount with adapters. E-mount is apparently more profitable than a-mount. Sony has financial problems.

Add all that together and it seems possible - even likely - that Sony may go to an "e-mount first" approach where a-mount lenses are supported with adapters - no a-mount bodies. NEX shooters already treat a-mount that way. So, you can't really be surprised if it happens. The situation lends itself to that outcome. But whatever happens is fine.

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