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parallaxproblem wrote:

forpetessake wrote:

Poor quality control on part of Sony and other manufacturers opens a business opportunity for third parties to test lenses and sell them at a premium. I wonder why we don't hear about companies reselling lenses with full DXO test data and making some profit from this. Why should a poor quality lens cost the same as a good one? I think many consumers would prefer paying 10% extra for known quality rather than buying a pig in a poke.

Nice idea but I think the main companies would be very unhappy with this as it implies that there might be sub-par lenses in the supply chain - we know there are, but the main manufacturers don't want this to be 'common knowledge', not just from a sales point of view but also from a support point of view when dealing with customers who think their lens might be sub-par

If Sony can't satisfy you under warranty repair, your beef is with them, not your fellow posters.  But, I think you're right -- if they're not going to spend time to Q/A to exacting enough standards at the factory, they don't want to draw attention that some lenses are going to underperform.

Even on this forum there are a small number of posters who refuse to believe there are quality issues with some of Sony's lenses.

That's being a bit disingenuous.

Of course there are "quality issues", not just with Sony, but with all brands.  Now how do you narrow down just what percentage of lenses are sub-par?  And by whose standards?  Most consumer-grade lenses have sample variation.  When I shopped for used A-mount lenses, I'd often run into reviews that would say things like, "It's a good lens,depending upon getting a good sample" or other such comments.

In the general buying public there are probably only a very small percentage of customers who know about the possibility of sample variation in lenses

The variation might be small enough for the vast majority of cases where no one notices a problem.

The problem that you and another poster showed seemed much more severe than average.

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