Who should teach photography?

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Any good photography course will have both artists and technical experts on the staff, so that students can learn from both. A student who is mainly artistic by nature needs the technical training most, and a technically minded student needs the artistic stimulus.

In practice, students learn most from each other.

You're correct that most teachers that stay in the field for very long tend to gravitate to one side of the other. A good photo department will have a balance. However, in my experience the technically minded student really struggles to learn the artistic side and the vast majority remain craftsmen. and struggle with the art. The artistic student learns the basic techie stuff they need to improve on their artistic vision and continue to produce the best artistic work.

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Are you sure we should be blaming the student in this case? Perhaps we should look to the teacher. If the skill of art cannot be effectively taught (or perhaps, you simply fail to teach it), why have art schools at all? Why are you teaching art, if you lack the skill to foster artistic talent in all but your more gifted of students?

I worked in an Art School for six years. The favoured pedagogical technique was 'being with' the students. The idea, I suppose, was that some of the excellence of the teacher would transfer to the students by a kind of creative osmosis.

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