Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

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Re: Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

If you think this is a statement safeguarding the A mount read it again.

It is. Sony makes money on the A mount, both on new lenses and bodies and on the halo effect of having high end FF A mount bodies.

Much like the Single Lens Translucent (SLT) technology, the E-mount system is an innovation, introduced to further expand our interchangeable lens line,

SLT wasn't really introduced to expand the ILL, but replaced the SLR with optical viewfinder thereby changing the A-mount significantly enough for some to change brands .

One does not exclude the other. And the A mount was not changed at all by the introduction of the SLT.

I'm sure if the researchers at Sony come up with something the necessitates the removal or changing of A-mount they won't hesitate to do it.

They have already changed it. The A99 on sensor PDAF system only works with the new version A mount lenses. But changing does not mean breaking compatibility.

Mountains out of molehills. Systems evolve and adapt, but even lenses over fifty years old are still as useable with modern systems as they were back then - even more so, with the modern advances in focus feedback to the photographer.


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