Cancelled my E-M1 order

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Re: Not shiny enough...?

boggis the cat wrote:

Craig from Nevada wrote:

CharlesB58 wrote:

People are cancelling orders or reconsidering buying the EM1 based on a single interview that involves statements about part of a marketing strategy?

People buy the camera for the same reasons.

I assumed that it was because it is shiny and new.

Olympus obviously screwed up by not making a blingy silver version...

(Says the guy stuck with a silver E-M5 because that was all that was available. Meh. At least it's harder to lose it in the undergrowth I guess.)

Not sure shiny has anything to do with it but it seems that Olympus did not hit the mark with S-AF or C-AF of 4/3rds lenses.  A great improvement over other m4/3rds cameras isn't saying much really and nearly as fast as an ok focusing 4 year old camera doesn't inspire me a lot either.

I will keep my order in place but if the camera does not show a large improvement over my E-520 in S-AF and C-AF it is going back and my 4/3rds lenses will be up for sale.

The price, with grip and adapter is just too high if the camera can not match-up with the competition.  It really does not matter that I have 3 Olympus camer bodies and 5 4/3rds lenses, at 1800.00 bucks it must not lag behind in focusing speed.

If the answer is to dump my 4/3rds lenses and purchase an entire new system then the door to Nikon and Canon is also open.

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