Cancelled my E-M1 order

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Good to hear your clarity, Boggis

boggis the cat wrote:

As Olympus' stated unique selling point of 4/3rds was "smaller, portable" then I would humbly suggest you picked the wrong system for yourself.

That wasn't the USP, Tim:

Yes it was. Everyone except a few chosen on this forum knows this. Check out MAIN BENEFITS at the top of the page I linked.

"pursuing the optimum relationship between image sensor size and lens mount size" is the USP.

This is just mumbo jumbo. (Oly's statement, not yours)

Have a look at large format cameras. They can be had relatively cheaply at the moment and have awesome IQ.

The cheap 135 format bodies are cheap because they lack features.

I was talking about large format film, not a compact 35mm camera.

But even so, the D800 does not lack features and its only a few hundred quid cheaper than the EM1.

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