Cancelled my E-M1 order

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No, it never was

rovingtim wrote:

dahod wrote:

This new Olympus has clearly targeted the "grab your gear and go" market. I'm not saying it won't take good pictures because it will as we've clearly seen. What I am saying though is that the Olympus commitment is now on small, portable and discrete - that's not necessarily my world.

As Olympus' stated unique selling point of 4/3rds was "smaller, portable" then I would humbly suggest you picked the wrong system for yourself.

That wasn't the USP, Tim:

"As you can see, the Four Thirds system is the ideal digital SLR system. By pursuing the optimum relationship between image sensor size and lens mount size, the Four Thirds system successfully combines high image quality and compact size."

"pursuing the optimum relationship between image sensor size and lens mount size" is the USP.

And it may be a while before Olympus get around to producing native MicroFT variants of the SHG line (if ever), so in the meantime you have to accept those APS-C size and weight lenses (along with the high cost) if you want the best optics.

Have a look at large format cameras. They can be had relatively cheaply at the moment and have awesome IQ.

The cheap 135 format bodies are cheap because they lack features. If you don't require those features, then obviously they are a better buy than the higher-priced full-featured alternatives.

But regardless of what body you choose you then must select lenses, and there is again a trade-off involved between cost and capability. Better to buy a smaller system with better lenses than the reverse, unless your requirement for very low-light shooting or very shallow DOF takes precedence.

This is not some sort of competition where only one system -- let alone one particular body -- is 'the winner'.  Different systems are best suited to different purposes.

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