FF DSLR - MFT (the transition) so far

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FF DSLR - MFT (the transition) so far

You know it's taking some time for me to convert to MFT but I am starting to really like the format.

Having had many FF cameras, the last one being Sony A99 I really found the transition difficult, not from a technical point of view but I just felt the GX7 was a toy in comparison to the mighty FF cameras.

However after several hundred images I am really starting to appreciate what this camera can do and it's packed with the latest advanced technology.

I would consider myself an advanced photographer and I took some shots yesterday and showed them to my family, WOW they said " you took them with that small camera"?

When I was in a church taking images a guy stood next to me and pointed to another photographer and said "he looks serious about his photography " that's  because the had a Canon 7D with a big grey 70-200 L lens.

There is still that perception that big is better and apart from ergonomics that's just not always the case.

Now I can't say I am 100% converted and that I  will never look back but I am really enjoying what these micro cameras can do and unless you pixelpeep or need very high ISO performance and shallow DOF then they are more than adequate.

Its just admitting to yourself that you don't need pro cameras to get great images.

I watched a video on u tube the other day for 10mins on The Far East and it was very professional and I was amazed at the end when I said " this video was made with The iPhone 5" just shows how compact technology can work.

DSLR' s are still the best if you need fast AF tracking and shallow DOF and + 3200 ISO Otherwise MFT are light, compact and have some very good cheap lenses as well as fast great value primes. However for most of us it's not essential to use a big sensor, which needs big glass and weighs a ton just to squeeze a bit more performance.

However when you have been used to 36mpx and all the extra performance of a FF like big prints and crops, making the switch can be challenging but I am persevering. I may buy a FF again for the 10% of the time I need it but MFT will always be in my bag, and used most of the time!

Just my thoughts


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