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Re: Complicated reality ..

Sergey_Green wrote: That is, what comes out of FF with 135/2 on it (or pretty much any other lens) can not be touched with smaller formats anyway you turn it. Landscapes, closeups, sports, portraits, you name it.

There are indeed some special uses for which so-called "full frame" is outstanding. Extremely detailed landscapes are one, though MF is better, and a view camera with a scanning digital back is better still.

For portraits in which one wants a really shallow plane of sharpness, I suppose your example of the 135 f2 may be relevant. However, I have yet to need anything "shallower" than my 150f2, the bouquet of which I'll gladly compare to any other lens in any other format, or even the mFT 75f1.8, which is almost as good, and very discrete and compact (unlike either aforementioned two lenses!).

For closeups, the greater depth-of-sharpness of FT and mFT is usually an advantage, especially as one moves into the near macro and macro realm and the image quality that the Zuiko 50f2 and 60mm f2.8 produces is excellent.  And there is also a Panasonic-Leica macro lens that may be even better.

For sports, the acknowledged champion is the Canon 1D with its 27.9 x 18.6 millimeter rather than "full frame" (36 x 24 milimeter) sensor, probably because a flipping mirror that size can move faster.

Clyde Butcher continues to trudge through swamps carrying huge 8"x10" view cameras to capture negatives that his 3/4 ton enlarger can turn into huge prints.  Nothing smaller would do for him.

Sebastiao Salgado used a one "FF" Canon EOS-1Ds too shoot his Genesis project, while an assistant kept another warm inside his parka in the blustery -35C in northwestern Siberia. At $US7K, it, and perhaps its $US6K Nikon D4 counterpart may well be the only cameras that will reliably continue to function under such conditions.  Given the US$ one million a year cost of the 8 year "shoot" and the size of the final images, this is completely justifiable.

For the rest of us - and this includes a great many pros - the image-pipeline quality, mechanical features and lenses mFt offers should do just fine for 90-95% of our photography. We can rent or borrow the equipment needed for the rest. Our necks, backs and shoulders and our bank accounts will appreciate the break!  And our marriages may last longer.

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