Was thinking of buying Nikon, but not so fast......

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Re: Was thinking of buying Nikon, but not so fast......

Braxton7 wrote:

Godfrey wrote:

Braxton7 wrote:

There are still a lot of 4/3 bodies available used. Your 4/3 lenses will work best on those. Some of this stuff like above just looks like advertising copy. If you have money to burn and want to stick with Olympus then sell your 4/3 lenses and start over.

I have two FT lenses. They're why I kept my E-1 after I sold the E-5, and they're what I'll use mostly on the E-M1. I've already tested them on the E-M1 and compared them against the E-5... They work better on the E-M1, without question. I have proved it to my satisfaction, so your confrontational opinion is of no vaLue.


Glad you got an advance copy and 'tested them on the E-M1 and compared them against the E-5' Wasn't really being confrontational just wondering . Most of my opinions or of no value, never said otherwise.

Funny way to wonder about something. Four declarative statements, with three of them being judgmental.

I tested my lenses with the area rep's demo unit to exercise their focusing speed, and wrote them to my own storage card so that I could evaluate focus accuracy and resolution against similar exposures I'd made with my E-5. Focusing speed was on par or better than the E-5, and the files show excellent focus accuracy and detailing, better than the E-5 produced with the same lenses. I'm satisfied that the E-M1 is a superior performer for my needs with these two lenses, and it is certainly a better body to use with my adapted Leica R primes than the E-1 or E-5 because the EVF is vastly superior to an optical reflex finder for that purpose.

Im sure there are other uses for which the E-5's characteristics might prove a better choice. You'll have to evaluate the E-M1 for yourself with an actual camera, not a spec sheet or review report, to know how it suits your uses.

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