"Best" lenses for my new GX7?

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Re: "Best" lenses for my new GX7?

sabad wrote:

M Hamilton wrote:

Sorry but you made it sound like recommending an Oly lens for a Panasonic body was some sort of travesty...

It's all good, I am not a fanboy and have no emotional attachment to any particular brand

I happen to have only owned Panasonic bodies, but if funds were unlimited I'd probably have a GX7 and an EM-1.  Since I have Panny bodies, all other things being equal I'd go with Panny lenses with OIS as opposed to Oly lenses (I got a Panny 45-150 as part of a two-lens G5 kit, and I promptly sold my Oly 40-150, which was very good).  But in terms of price and speed, there's no real Panny equivalent to the Oly 45, and it works just fine on my Panny bodies.

It's great that there are two companies producing bodies and lenses, and I'm more than willing to mix and match, but some factors do sometimes militate toward sticking with the matching brand.  It's good to have choices, though!

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