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Re: So are Ansel's photos fuzzy or are they boring....

Jeff_Donald wrote:

Basalite wrote:

You are assuming the photographic "craftsmen" will only know how to produce "boring" photos, which is a strange thing to say.

In my experience as a teacher, craftsmen do occasionally produce stunning images. But the norm follows more along the lines of what Ansel Adams said, "There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept."

The digital cameras that we have today are very capable of producing technically correct images. the photos are sharp, properly exposed and in focus. But they are boring.

So are Ansel's photos fuzzy or are they boring? Since you don't seem to believe for the most part that anyone who regularly takes inspiring images is a master of the technical aspects of photography, on which side of the coin falls Ansel Adams. By all accounts he was a brilliant post processor (dark room technician), knew his cameras fore and aft, so I suppose you must consider his images boring.

Your premise seems to demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of the history of photography and art history in general. Camera operation is not rocket science. It does not take much to master the technical aspects of camera operation.

Most formula 1 drivers can rebuild their engines, just like most world cup skiers can tune their skis, just like most painters can stretch a canvas.

I think you are trying to gin up a controversy that does not exist.

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