Who should teach photography?

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Jeff_Donald wrote:

Basalite wrote:

You are assuming the photographic "craftsmen" will only know how to produce "boring" photos, which is a strange thing to say.

Your experience may be different from mine and I respect that. Craftsmen don't only know how to create boring photos, but in my experience they create mostly images that lack originality, imagination and most importantly emotion.

You mean craftsman as opposed to artists?  That's stacking the deck, isn't it?  One might think that if we have two independent qualities such as artistic vision and analytic thinking, that the intersection of the two groups would naturally be quite small.  It most certainly does not imply that technical knowledge is a bad thing.

The question is if the technically savvy artistically talented photographers have a leg up on the photographers who aren't so technically savvy but artistically talented.  To that end, I have to ask where Ansel Adams place in history might be if he had not been so technically talented.

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