Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

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Re: Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

tqlla wrote:

Evildogofdoom wrote:

By that logic, Fiat will drop Ferrari, as they sell a lot more Fiats, Dodges and Chyslers

Terrible analogy. Just terrible.

  1. Ferrari sales are not dependent on the sales of low end Fiats.
  2. They are two unrelated vehicles. Your Fiat Rims, are not an incentive to buy a Ferrari.
  3. High end Amount sales are rooted in the sales of low end Amounts. Most people who have an A99, or A77 had a lower end Amount(including Minolta) to start.

Actually, it is a spot on analogy. He was referring to the point that someone made that a company would drop a profitable product because another product they made was more profitable. His point is that money is money and it all contributes to the bottom line. There is zero incentive to kill a chicken that still lays eggs because another chicken lays more.

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