For Sony A58 and A65 Owners

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Re: For Sony A58 and A65 Owners

I had an a58 for awhile but it had focusing issues(backfocus). I have had an a100 then loved the a55 till it called it quits on me.  Knowing you would recommend an a77 the a65 is just as capable of stellar iq as the a77..
I now have had an a65 and though I am new to it coming from the a55 I will share what I know(or at think I do)ha ha

Gps /ten frames a second and every lens I have has never needed an adjustment ..on any alpha.  It really depends on the other focus adjustment and the like. There is nothing image wise that the a65 cannot do the a77 does.

The a58 is a very good camera for iq/decent noise control /good jpeg engine but its slower in shutter response and lacks the feature set of an a65/a55.

Either is a great imager..the a58 a bit more forgiving high iso shooting..but that's not where iq is best anyway.  If she is serious about photography and wants better iq with somewhat more thought and effort I would recommend an a65.   If she wants  very good iq with less thought(auto mode) then I would recommend the a58.  I liked the a58 but the a65 is a step above unless you shoot or plan on shooting mostly 800-3200 iso.

I have been very satisfied with up to 1600iso a65 jpegs and I am very critical of iq. Hope this helps-brian

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