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No, Designed for everyone, promoted to women

It seems that Olympus found that the initial models of PEN got more attention from women than they were expecting, and that these women wouldn't spend the kind of money they were asking for the top PEN model. So the only design change to take advantage of this was making the EPL3 and EPM1 available in "girl friendly" colours as well as the more gender neutral black and silver, whereas the EP3 wasn't.

I hardly call having a pink and purple paint job available as "designing for women". The guts of the cameras was still the same. It's more of a marketing ploy really. And note the extra colour options were extra, as well as the colours you'd usually see that sell to men as well (they also do every PEN in iPod/iPhone obsessives trendy white. Full disclosure, my EPL3 is a white one).

The comment about the Paris event seemed to be saying this trend seems to apply to Europe as well, more women showed up and showed an interest in the PEN models than Olympus was expecting, but again these women aren't prepared to spend €900 on a camera (I don't think it's that they don't have the income, it's just the income they do have is already getting used up in looking good, this is Paris we are talking about after all). This along with the social media posting trend might be why there was a rumour that the EPL6, an entry level PEN that can connect to smartphones, is coming to Europe after all. Olympus believe the marketing ploy they used in Asia will work just as well in Europe.

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