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liquid stereo wrote:

Consider that DSLR/DSLT sales are pretty poor. Amongst all camera makers. It makes no sense for Sony to support two systems, two mounts, etc., when they're competing against the monolithic CN. Economies of scale, dilution of marketing and brand specification doesn't work in their favor. Unless the two mounts are viewed as a continuous spectrum.

So yes - there is the self-fullfilling stuff. But there's also some reality at play.

The best example, in my opinion, is 4/3rds and Micro 4/3rds. Who announced the death/end of 4/3rds? No one, except for the lack of product.


p.s. its also wise to not over-estimate the effect of internet-sourpusses.

This is exactly right! I have no idea what Sony plans to do with the A-mount, but one does not have to be a genius to know that it is not in the interest of any camera company to announce the demise of of their camera mount, (or OVF for that matter!) before it happens. Just keep your eye on the products being offered as the best predictor of the future. If the product line becomes thin, then it's time to be wary!

- Jon

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