Was thinking of buying Nikon, but not so fast......

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Messier Object
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Re: I'm thinking of buying Nikon, APS vs FF?

dave gaines wrote: . . .

Does anyone have any thoughts on APS versus "full frame"?


IMO 4/3 and FF both have their distinct advantages: reach, and sensor performance

I see APS as a middle ground compromise.
If you want to only have one system and you're going to ditch all of your 4/3 system then you will probably be comfortable with APS.
If on the other hand you if want to buy into a new 2nd system  then FF will be so different to your 4/3 experience that you won't feel it competes or overlaps with your 4/3 gear. You will be happy with both. You will 'know' which camera to pick up for a given shooting situation.


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