Cancelled my E-M1 order

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Re: Cancelled my E-M1 order

"Cancelled" mine as well, mentally, though - in the beginning I liked it and I was ready to buy it. Then Olympus put the price at $1399 body only. $1399 body only? Yes I have 4/3 lens, yes I like EM1, yes it take pretty good pictures, but with a 4/3 lens attached, EM1 is no longer that small a package any more. EM1+12-40+40-150? At $1399 body only, it's a lot of money! Why don't people look into Canon 6D and similar, and build up the "real" system slowly?

EM1 should have been priced no more than $1199 body only to have a real price advantage against 6D and similar.

If Olympus releases a poor-man's version of EM1 quickly for around half the price, I will stay with them. Otherwise they'll most likely not get my future business. If I get a fat bonus soon, maybe EM1 is still possible. For another while.

dahod wrote:

I got caught up in the hype around the E-M1 - what wasn't to like? - generally favourable reviews, new lenses on the horizon, ability to use my old 4/3 lenses, commitment to m4/3 by Olympus as its future etc etc. At last - Olympus breaks their silence and the world is good.

I read the interview with Mr. Terada ( however, and it left me with a less than warm and fuzzy feeling. I could be reading it wrong and I apologize if I am but my take from it was

  1. 4/3 was a failure because it didn't result in measurably smaller camera/lens combinations - M4/3 will correct that.
  2. His target market is the "young generation with a focus on young females"
  3. He can't figure out how to attract European women buyers but he has a couple of thoughts.
  4. M4/3 can almost beat APS-C on image quality but wins on portability ("their lenses are so much bigger than ours")

Right off the bat, I'm at a disadvantage because I'm certainly neither young nor female. I'm also okay that my E-3 and 50-200 is a big piece of gear - it takes good pictures.

This new Olympus has clearly targeted the "grab your gear and go" market. I'm not saying it won't take good pictures because it will as we've clearly seen. What I am saying though is that the Olympus commitment is now on small, portable and discrete - that's not necessarily my world.

You can say "so what? - the proof is in the pictures". That's true and the pictures are impressive but in order to keep the size down the lenses are all software corrected. There will be no big optically correct lens for this camera - the "Pro" line is it. According to Mr. Terada they "promise to establish the MFT lens line-up at the quality of the current PRO line-up". That's interesting since the 12-40 performance seems to be at or slightly above the 4/3 HG 12-60 level (albeit at constant aperture).

I think I'll wait and see how this unfolds. In the meantime I'll take Art_P's advice and look for an E-5. I want the fine focus that Olympus for some unknown reason took off my E-3



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