Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

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artlmntl wrote:

Cameras have this weird notion of system with lenses outlasting bodies, so there is the idea that you want to get an improved body to go with your (growing?) collection of lenses. Otherwise, no reason to care about lens mount. Get a Sony this time? Happens to have an A-mount. Get a canon next time and a Nikon after that. You can do that, but that means buying without regard for system.

For A mount users it's definitely the system.  The speculation is not just about a camera, it's about a system, the A mount system.  Part of the problem is how Sony does not seem to realize it's a system and does not support it as a system.  That is more than just lenses and camera bodies too. And certainly the E mount folks have little idea of system, maybe because E mount is way far away from anything like a system, much farther than A mount which is becoming less of a system than it was with Minolta.  I repeat, a System is more than a camera and lens.

For me there is also the Sony system which is everything photographic they make, E and A mount are both part of that.  Their combined direction at that level has certain outcomes.  Outcomes that I'm less than pleased with because they clearly represent shrinkage in photographic capability, what they support. Force A and E mount together and that adds even more compromise to the overall system. Just as combining video and stills did.

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