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Re: The tunnel vision is on short term sales

TrapperJohn wrote:

I'm sure that pro film cameras were selling well, until they were not.

Yes, DSLR sales in the US are much better than mirrorless sales. True also that mirrorless has pulled even with DSLR in Japan, which, photo happy people that they are, tends to be a bellweather for the rest of the world. In general, Japan tends to be five to ten years ahead of the rest of the camera world.

The simple fact is - your market leaders made an effort to get into a new and emerging market, and they fielded mediocre, uncompetitive products, which sold poorly. Nikon sold some Ones to weekend snapshotters, the same people who are gradually moving to cell phones. Canon sold to... almost no one.

Their products were not competitive, and it cannot be blamed on a first effort. Sony came into the mirrorless market with a very competitive NEX. Fuji came into the mirrorless market with a very competitive XPro1 and XE1. Olympus and Panasonic created the market. Canon and Nikon drag in with these weak, half thought out products, too busy protecting their DSLR, or looking at each other to actually pay attention to what was selling.

If that is how Canon and Nikon pursue the DSLR market, imagine where it would be if there were serious competition there.

That, to me, is one of the most exciting aspects of the mirrorless market. It is moving quickly, a lot of interesting design ideas, and a lot of competition between several different designs, each with its own strong point. Mirrorless is not dominated by two slow moving companies who are content to feed a few more MP, and one more ISO stop, every two or three years.

You have a very visceral reaction. It's not grounded in facts. I'm not a fanbouy for anything. I like them all. Like Rollei, Yashica, Agfa, Contax, Fuji, Pentax, whatever. There's no benefit to slamming certain cameras just because you don't know how to use them.

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