Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

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Re: Official statement on Sony A-mount future...

I don't see why people are blaming the users/consumers of doom and gloom. This is the mistake many companies have made, blackberry is a good example.

You have to create products that costumers demand, and you cannot blame the customer if your product don't sell well.

Sony is too large a company to have ambitions of being a niche vendor in the camera business. No Executive at Sony is going to have such low ambitions, and you best believe that they are trying to find ways to take market share from Canon and Nikon. Whether they will succeed is a different matter.

The next point is that it's pretty obvious that E mount right now is receiving greater priority than A mount. If the E mount continues to be successful what is likely is that they will continue to support the A mount by selling you an adapter. Once they make a breakthrough on Autofocus, they writing is on the wall.

I suspect they are testing the waters to see how far they can carry the E mount with the A3000. If it is successful we will likely never see a A37 replacement. We may see a few more alpha products in 2014 but it will only be trickle. Don't expect to see a flood of different alpha cameras as they did in earlier years.

Some are saying the 70-200/400 V2 are signs of the future, but they are only rehashes of existing lens and one cannot use that to judge the future.

The only way I see new Alpha products coming out in 2015 and beyond is if the market rejects the E-mount cameras, and that does not seem to be general trend.

It doesn't mean the end for Sony interchangeable lens owners, but you best believe a change is coming.

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