Why Thom is wrong...

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Re: Why Thom is wrong...

Richard wrote:

I agree Canon sits on their laurels more than the other brands. They do that because they can. I think they will have to start being more competitive now days.

Well, we've haven't seen a real sensor upgrade in the 70D, just improved CAF but no increase in IQ

2. Canikon already have EVF, on the back of the camera for live view. They also can use a laptop, tablet or smart phone as a remote. They have had this for some time. Mirrorless has no advantage there.

That's not an EVF. Can you put your eye up to your live view? NO.

Definition of viewfinder

view·find·er (vy f n d r). n. A device on a camera that indicates, either optically or electronically, what will appear in the field of view of the lens.

Cool, you can cut & paste a conceited dictionary entry.

I can as well:

An electronic viewfinder (EVF) is a camera viewfinder where the image captured by the lens is projected electronically onto a miniature display. The image on this display is used to assist in aiming the camera at the scene to be photographed. It differs from a live preview screen in being smaller and shaded from ambient light.

The sensor records the view through the lens, the view is processed, and finally projected on a miniature display which is viewable through the eyepiece. Electronic viewfinders are used in digital still cameras and in video cameras.

The screen on the back of any camera does that, you don't need to put your eye to it, your argument does not hold water because you don't understand the definition. If you feel that need to put your eye up to it, they make units that take the screen on the back of any camera and put a lens to it.

They do things in a different way. If you think they do the same thing, you're basically a fool and missing the point.

You cannot isolate your eye with live view. You cannot have your eye up to the camera in liveview. That alone presents an ergonomic difference. Holding the camera away from you to preview live view in bright conditions is not only awkward to control the camera, it isn't going to work most of the time because you won't be able to make sense of the screen.


3. Canikon can make smaller dslrs with APS-C that will be able to compete with mirrorless or they can produce better EOSM and V1 units. Again, they cover Pro, Advanced amateur, beginner, small size DSLRs. (they both produce point and shoots too.)

Can they? Or do they just keep producing incremental nudges in the APS-C lines? Be honest...

They could do that but I think they would lose market share, I don't think they will do that.

Well, I don't want to give money to lazy companies making cynical recursive products. I want innovation.

At this point mirrorless has no advantage and has disadvantages compared to Canikon solutions.

At this point you've shown your ignorance.

Your post has nothing to support or refute anything I have said.

It did, you just can't comprehend it.

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