Was thinking of buying Nikon, but not so fast......

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Re: I'm thinking of buying Nikon, APS vs FF?

dave gaines wrote:

The first thing I did was read about the lenses available for Canon and Nikon. I read a recent article here about the best lenses for Canon FF or Nikon FF, which leads to a DXoMark pair of articles about the sharpest lenses for both systems. I concluded that the Nikon lenses may be better than the Canons because the Nikons all beat the aftermarket Sigma and Tokina while Canon's lenses are often out-performed by the same aftermarket brands. The 2 articles were about lenses on either the 5DmkIII or the D800E. Then I read about the Nikon D800E. It seems like the most logical step if I want to upgrade image quality and have increased DR and low noise/high ISO capabilities. My only concern with the D800 is the file sizes. With a 36 MP sensor it will produce really large files. Ohyea, and then there's the price. The body is twice the price of an E-5 or E-M1 and the best f/2.8 OIS lenses are all at a price point similar to the Olympus SHG lenses.

A recent DxO report posted on 4/3/2013 seems to indicate that it is a tossed up between two cameras: D800 and 5D3, using high quality lenses:



When comparing the huge volume of data accumulated over measuring 147 lenses, one very surprising result was revealed. The average sharpness scores of the Canon EOS 5D Mark III matched the Nikon D800 and if the results were based solely on the mean average, the Canon actually out-performed the Nikon.


taken as a whole, the statistics reveal the EOS 5D MK III is capable of similar sharpness and of achieving a close DxOMark camera/lens score to the Nikon D800. Moreover, that’s despite the latter camera’s 60% extra pixel count.


Personally, I think Olympus was right to design 4/3 from the ground up.  Unfortunately, they were not the same technology and marketing company of the OM fame years ago and could not pull their plan through. But, they did enough of the good lenses for us poor souls.

Canon noticed that even their best L lenses cannot meet the expectation of the current sensor technology. That's why both the 5D3 and the 1Dx have only 22 and 18 megapixels, respectively. Instead, they are preparing for the future by redesigning their lenses, like the 24-70mm f/2.8 mark ii and the 70-200mm f/2.8 IS mark ii.  I was told that people with the 5D3 should not waste their money on earlier versions of the L lenses as they will find that their sensor will out-resolve whatever these can throw at it.

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