Was thinking of buying Nikon, but not so fast......

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Re: I'm thinking of buying Nikon, APS vs FF?

dave gaines wrote:

I will continue to use my E-5 for now. I have 10 great Olympus lenses. Only 1 is a standard grade, the 35 mm f/3.5 macro. I got that to fit my wife's E-PL2. The rest of my lenses are HG and SHG, all really superb lenses. Yes, it's all about the glass.

I also have a box full of Olympus accessories. The RF-11 ring flash, SHV-1 battery pack, The FP-1 flash power grip, a few FL-50 flash, a RRS L-Bracket, cable release, and so on... The biggest consideration for me is my underwater equipment. I have a housing and set of lens ports designed for the E-330 and several HG lenses. The resale value on this is very low, even though it's a great system. If I switch systems it would be very expensive for me to replace the UW housing and lens ports. I may keep the E-330 and several lenses while replacing the rest of my gear with a FF system.

The first thing I did was read about the lenses available for Canon and Nikon. I read a recent article here about the best lenses for Canon FF or Nikon FF, which leads to a DXoMark pair of articles about the sharpest lenses for both systems. I concluded that the Nikon lenses may be better than the Canons because the Nikons all beat the aftermarket Sigma and Tokina while Canon's lenses are often out-performed by the same aftermarket brands. The 2 articles were about lenses on either the 5DmkIII or the D800E. Then I read about the Nikon D800E. It seems like the most logical step if I want to upgrade image quality and have increased DR and low noise/high ISO capabilities. My only concern with the D800 is the file sizes. With a 36 MP sensor it will produce really large files. Ohyea, and then there's the price. The body is twice the price of an E-5 or E-M1 and the best f/2.8 OIS lenses are all at a price point similar to the Olympus SHG lenses.

I don't think APS is a reliable long term investment nor a big improvement over 4/3 or the m4/3 E-M1. APS may wither away, like 4/3, and then you're left with a bunch of DX lenses. I believe FF will be around longer and there will always be a camera capable of supporting these better lenses.

Does anyone have any thoughts on APS versus "full frame"?

DSave what would be a Nikon FF equivalent of HG Oly lenses: 50-200 , 12-60 and 50 mm? I am not asking about FL (double I know) but rather a quality of the image produced on say E5?

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