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Re: Learning lens design

ProfHankD wrote:

OpticsEngineer wrote:

But you would be surprised how many people graduate with an engineering degree of some kind and don't want to learn an industry standard software

You know, I couldn't even find somebody on faculty here at the University of Kentucky who does lens design. Physics has people who look at an entirely different type of lens, and my department has an EM group that does lots of antenna design and analysis, but no optics per se.

I did a student placement in a department which designed millimeter band antennas (you can probably guess the application...). Even back in the 1980's everything there was based around mathmatical modelling (fortran running on HP1000's and microvax's ) of a very limited number of antenna design options. The specifics of the environment it was to be used in defined which of the designs was most appropriate (microstrip phased arrays generally being the most popular at that time) and then the design engineers would bang a few numbers into the appropriate modelling software and then the students would fabricate a pre-production model based on whatever numbers came out, for measurements on the test ranges

Everybody on my degree knew to avoid as much as possible the 'electro-optics' options in the final year if you wanted good final grades because they were so difficult, and to focus instead on the 'easy' digital electronics options...

Suffice to say that brief exposure was enough to frighten me off both those areas for life!

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